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Life is like a cup of tea it's all how you make it.


Our Vision


The vision of Friends and Tea is to introduce the Fusion of Friends, Flavors and Fitness to health-conscious North Americans. Friends and Tea is all about the true "tea experience" by discussing the health benefits of tea, how to brew the perfect cup of tea, take part in tasting the most amazing flavors of tea and learn about health and wellness from our Friends and Tea partners who are local health and fitness experts.


Our concept is designed to allow tea-enthusiasts to earn income by creating a profitable tea business in an industry that is growing exponentially. One out of every two households in North America drink tea. On any given day, 150 million North Americans are drinking tea. For the health-conscious, tea has become the number 1 beverage of choice. The sale of tea was app. 20 billion in 2013. Joining Friends and Tea allows you to tap into this exploding market in a fun, simple and rewarding way.



What makes us Unique?


Friends and Tea is part of the Home Tea Party phenomenon that is becoming the fastest growing segment in the tea distribution business today.  By becoming our Friend (distributor) you have the unique opportunity to host any one of our special events.  Our events are educational, informative, interesting and most of all lots of fun.


Friends and Tea is a social organization that is dedicated to advance the human understanding of health, wellness, cultural diversity and social interactions that create strong meaningful relationships.  All while enjoying the flavors of tea from around the world.


Our events are truly amazing and Unique



High Tea Corporate Events

Friends and Tea can help your company with an affordable but luxurious alternative for a corporate team event. Why not treat your team to tea. A typical Friends and Tea Corporate Event can include:


 A relaxed environment in a tea room and can accompany a team meeting


 We can organize a cooking event to prepare scones, pastries, and tea.


 We can even lead your team to a mystery tea venue with a fitness inspired theme such as Yoga and Tea Or if you want to truly experience culture we can organize one of our DiversiTEA events at an ethnic restaurant with a tea ceremony and delicious snacks


Here is a Tea Overview for you to consider:

Cream tea and afternoon tea are served between 2:00 and 5:00 PM.


Cream Tea: Includes scones with Devonshire cream, preserves or jams.



Afternoon/High Tea: Includes finger sandwiches, pastries, biscuits, scones with Devonshire cream, preserves, and jams. For a more formal event, serve champagne, strawberries or chocolate truffles


Tea in Asia: In Southeast Asia, tea can be a full buffet with salads, meat, cheese, scones, cream, preserves, jam, and pastries.


Japan has a centuries old traditional tea ceremony. Large cities in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia often have Japanese tea ceremonies or demonstrations hosted by cultural organizations. Combine the tea ceremony with protocol training to prepare team members for business trips or incentive travel in Japan.


Afternoon TEAm Building

To round out your corporate event, we can even include a team building experience with one of our local fitness experts to get your team energized!


Home Tea ParTEA


Host your own tea party with your friends and family and introduce them to the wonders of tea and have one of our fitness partners provide a fun and educational fitness learning experience.  Whether you have wondered about yoga, getting a personal trainer or naturopathic medicine, you can host an event that will be intriguing for everyone.




Be part of our charity events or host your own. Here you can hold a fundraiser for your favorite cause and host an afternoon high tea with all the tasty treats at a great venue.  Maybe even have a bottle of bubbly to toast to your friends to thank them for supporting your social cause.




This is truly an amazing event where you can be a part of educating your friends and family about culture and ethnic diversity.  These events are held in a local ethnic restaurant with a specific country theme.  Learn about the culture’s food, traditions, music and discuss challenges faced by these cultures in integrating to NA society and about the challenges faced in their home countries.  Most of all, the part we like best is to enjoy their ethnic teas and delicious treats.


To be a part of our Friends and Tea family contact us and we will get you started.

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