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Oolongs Tea


Oolongs are treated the same way that black teas are, except that the withering and oxidation times are shortened. While black teas are fully oxidized, oolongs are oxidized anywhere between 20 – 80%. The result is a delicious fruity, nutty tea that balances the flavors of black and green beautifully.

Oolongs Tea

Oolong Rose

Spoil yourself with this light, floral oolong tea, which has been beautifully accented with fragrant rose petals. This delicate rose oolong imparts a subtle melange of sweet, floral flavors grounded by smooth, savory notes and a long finish.

Mandarin Silk - Award Winning

A smooth, rich blend of Pouchong tea leaves with lemon myrtle, marigolds and natural essence of vanilla.

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