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My Tea Journey


Dear Friends,


I am so pleased that we are taking the Friends and Tea journey together.  We all have something in common – we are all lovers of tea and passionate about health and wellness!


My own personal passion for tea started from childhood, when I used to invite myself to my mom’s afternoon tea ritual with her neighborhood friends. It extended to my early first travels abroad to discover as much as I could about tea, from the mountains of Darjeeling to the tea plantations in Assam. It was there that I discovered what makes this universal drink so simple yet the global experience can be so unique dependent on cultural influences.   Tea truly brings cultures from across the globe together to celebrate and share life’s most memorable moments, connecting friends and family through the pleasures of this simple beverage.  During my travels, I had my own epithany and knew I must find a way to combine the joy of tea with people and their desire to improve their own health and wellness. 


For me, Friends and Tea is a journey and has been a personal transformation. I have been dedicated to exploring the world's best tea destinations in pursuit of the most esoteric, exceptional and exclusive teas and learn about tea's healing powers both mentally and physically.


At Friends and Tea, I work with a network of amazing people from Certified Tea Experts, professional chefs, educators, health and wellness specialists to tea industry associates who continually support me – each an expert in their respective field.


On behalf of everyone here at Friends and Tea, I raise my cup to yours, and wish you health, happiness and success and welcome you to taking this tea journey with us.


                              Monika Hans

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