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Artisan Loose Leaf Tea


*Produced in the machine-driven non-orthodox or Crush-Tear-Curl (CTC) method


Cut leaf, low-grade tea dust and fannings


One-dimensional flavor profile meant for a strong brew that can stand up to milk and sugar


Often bagged in bleached paper material that can add chemicals and off flavors to your brewed cup


Machine-produced in high volume to be warehoused and stored for long periods of time


Flavor is fully extracted after just one steeping

Artisan Loose Leaf Tea


*Produced in the artisan orthodox method


Whole leaf, high-quality grade tea


Subtle nuances and flavor extracted from whole tea leavesthat are allowed to expand fully in hot water


Packaged loose in airtight containers to seal infreshness and flavor


Produced seasonally in small quantities in an artisan methodthat involves hand-picking and hand-sorting quality tea leaves


The same leaves can be steeped multiple times for several cups of tea

Loose vs. Tea Bag - which should I choose?


Artisan loose leaf tea vs. commercial tea bag tea


Why do we choose to produce artisan loose leaf tea over commercial tea bag tea? It all boils down to freshness, quality and flavor.

Brewing tea in its loose leaf form allows the hot water to infuse every inch of a high-quality, whole leaf tea, producing the freshest, fullest flavor possible. The commercial tea bag is a modern invention designed to make tea drinking easy and convenient, but in its history gave us a lower-quality tea product that produces a one-dimensional flavor profile.






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