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High Tea - Tea Tasting Event           19/10/2014
I am very excited to announce my very first tea tasting event.  This will be a very special event that will mark the launch of Friends and Tea.  We are inviting our partners, suppliers and tea ethusiast VIPs to come and try all the wonderful flavors we have chosen from around the globe.  Guided by our tea sommeliers, experience the best aromatic organic teas made with flowers, fruits and essential oils. Stay tuned to our website to find more about how you can be a part of this event and join our exciting new venture. Request your VIP Invite.



YOGA and Tea                                                 TBD


This event welcomes all your Yoga lovers who enjoy to sipping a cup of tea after their workout routine.  In this event we willl talk about what teas to drink to digest your meditiative workout and then keep you in a peaceful space.  We will also welcome our guest speaker, a  HOT YOGA  expert from New Westminster, BC who will talk about how Yoga can impact your life and help to create positive energy and a well balanced mind.  You will get the opportunity to learn some postures that are very important for our helath and wellness.  Oh, and did I mention that you get to try some real cool exotic teas?  Stay tuned for more details.

Afternoon TeaPar-TEA                                  TBD
This event is all about learning about the history of afternoon tea in jolly old England.  Also, we will be presenting some of the finest treats served in a traditional royal manner.  Please join us if you enjoy tea in style and love to chat with some friends.


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