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Life is busy.  Between work, kids, house and spouse there isn’t much time to think about doing anything, “out of the ordinary.”  Don’t you feel that sometimes you just need to have fun.  Perhaps a hobby where you can spend time with friends, relax, rejuvenate and make it rewarding too.  That is what a Friends and Tea ParTEA is all about.  Friends connecting to share engaging conversations, experience amazing flavors of tea and snacks and learning about health and wellness.  Every ParTEA is rewarding and as a host can earn extra income while making memories with friends.


What makes hosting a Friends and Tea ParTEA great:


You Can Make A Difference

If you think you are tired, you can be sure there is someone else even worse off than you!  Hosting a simple tea party can refresh a weary soul.  The simple act of hospitality can change lives.  Make a quick salad, bake a couple scones and pour some tea.  This simple act could lift another human out of their suffering. (if only for a few moments.)  In addition, focusing on someone else will lift your spirit as well.


You Need Some FUN

Work is overrated.  In truth, rest, refreshment and laughter can bring you to a place of new found strength.  The world looks better.  The flowers smell fresher.  The house looks cleaner. (well, you can always wish!)  The point is, all work and no play will make you a very boring individual.  Do something new.  Plan a simple party. 


Expand Your Borders

Are you a lurker?  You know, the person that reads Facebook but doesn’t post.  The gal that watches the Food Network but never makes anything?  Shake things up a bit and change that.  Expand your borders.  Plan a tea party for your neighbors, the elderly or the overworked Sunday School teachers.  Find a group of people you hardly know and bless them with something extra special.  Dig up all those recipes you have clipped and the table decor you have on Pinterests and make it happen. Take charge of your life.  It is your time!


Really it’s a Fitness ParTEA

Imagine yourself crossing the finish line of a 5k race, and walking directly into a post-race music festival. Your endorphins are pumping, you're singing at the top of your lungs, and not to mention, you're getting a toned fit body all at the same time. Well we don’t do it exactly like that but the concept of fitness parties are on every gal’s calendar this year. What we offer at Friends and Tea is something a little more low key than a post 5k rave? We switch your wine and cheese night with friends to Sunday afternoon high tea with learning a few steps of hip-hop, yoga, bollywood or belly dancing.  Maybe it is lesson on the healing powers of naturopathic medicine or massage therapy.  You never know we may even host a ParTEA with pole dancing.  With Friends and Tea, we can promise it will never be boring.


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