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What is ChariTEA?


Our ChariTEA events provide you with the perfect opportunity to work with your friends to help raise funds for worthy charitable causes.  Whether this is for your school, hospitals, class trips, a health condition such as cancer or any other cause that is dear to you.


Tea provides a great fundraising idea with class. It involves a genteel afternoon of fine dining appetizers with delicious treats, engaging conversation over a pot of tea and maybe a glass of bubbly or two. The ideal venue can be a residential home with garden space, at your club, or off site at a venue that is large enough and offers an atmosphere to complement the food and drink of the day.


How does ChariTEA work?


The venue and catering are a big part in understanding the financial returns of your High Tea fundraiser. At Friends & Tea we help you to secure the right venue and you can choose from our list of trusted catering partners.  If you're able to secure a venue without exorbitant cost then your fundraiser will be well on its way to healthy returns.

If you choose to have a few handy cooks within your network of friends who are willing to donate their time and skills to provide the catering for your ChariTEA event then, margins of $20-$40 per head are not out of the question.

50 guests at a margin of $20 means $1,000 dollars raised for your cause - not bad for an afternoon ChariTEA.


Revenue from this fundraiser is mainly through attendance ticket sales. It is a good idea to pre-sell tickets so organisers have an idea of catering requirements rather than letting people pay on the day which could end up with over or under catering depending on the numbers that arrive. Ticket sales are not the only avenue to raise funds at a ChariTEA event.  You could have a photography booth set up where families can get their pictures taken together, you could have silent auctions with products donated from the community or you could sell raffle tickets for a Friends & Tea gift basket.



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